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Risk Consulting

Reducing the Potential for Claims

What is Risk Consulting?

Every company is exposed to some level of risk. Exposure to risk can lead to employee or third-party personnel injury, property damage or theft, or business disruption from poor product quality and services. Risk consulting is the process of identifying possible exposures, and developing and implementing controls to reduce incidents and associated costs.

What is involved?

Risk consulting involves reviewing a client's operations to identify exposures that may lead to insurance claims. The process includes conducting on-site audits to review safety and loss control management programs, and observe workplace conditions, site hazards, employee behaviors, security controls, company vehicles and equipment, etc. Once exposures have been identified, controls may then be developed to reduce risk and prevent potential claims.

What does CMS do?

CMS staff will visit your site to identify exposures and assess current controls to determine where improvements may be needed. Following the site visit, recommendations for improvement will be made and assistance will be provided to help implement any necessary changes. In addition, CMS can perform a Workers' Compensation Claims Analysis to identify any trends in loss data.

CMS also provides services beyond risk consulting to enrich programming in the development of a sound safety culture. Additional services include Training Services, Safety Perception SurveysHealth and Wellness Program, and Process Safety Management.

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