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Safety Perception Surveys

Beyond Risk Consulting

A Safety Perception Survey is beneficial in providing an assessment of a company's safety programming and overall culture.  A safety perception survey is an effective tool used to identify potential areas of improvement and help prioritize the areas of greatest need.

CMS develops a company specific survey to assess the overall attitude toward safety within your company and to enlist your employees' help in ways it might be strengthened or improved. Think of the survey as a "check up" of your company's safety programming. Employees' responses are completely confidential and combined with the answers of other survey participants for extensive analysis.

Safety Perception Survey Example Results
Safety Perception Survey Example Results

Example questions include:

  • I have been adequately trained to identify and manage hazards or risks involved with my job.

  • The company tends to be proactive rather than reactive on safety matters.

  • The focus of an incident investigation is on fixing the problems, not on laying blame.

  • I am empowered to take action to ensure my own safety and that of others with whom I work.

We compile the confidential responses from all survey participants for analysis and develop recommendations for safety program enhancements.

Employee Comments:

"Company policies and procedures are followed most of the time; however, shortcuts are being taken."


"Safety always comes first at our operation." 

"We need to have safety meetings more frequently."

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