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About The Company

Company History

CMS, Inc. is an independent risk consulting firm that has been providing safety and risk engineering services for national and multi-national insurance providers since 2002. The company began by providing specialized services, primarily for the mining and mining-related industries. CMS has since performed more than 3,000 safety audits and conducted over 250 training sessions for clients in the energy, service, manufacturing, industrial and mining sectors. Our dedicated staff, with over 50 years of combined experience in engineering, consulting, management, and human resources, has worked directly with clients throughout the U.S. and has performed on-site inspections in 46 states.

CMS believes that the process of controlling insurance claims begins long before an incident occurs and continues well beyond the filing of a claim. Our industry experience allows us to effectively identify risks, and provide insight on how to properly eliminate or control exposures. We have assisted numerous companies with establishing an environment where proper controls are in place, incidents are rare, employees are respected and rewarded, and injured workers receive the care they deserve.


The most effective means for controlling claim costs involves implementing comprehensive safety and training programs, and ensuring that proper controls are in place to reduce the likelihood of a loss. The key components necessary to reduce the risk include:

  • A culture where safety is a core value

  • Clearly defined policies and goals

  • Strong leadership & training

  • Employee empowerment

  • Monitoring safety performance and a fear of complacency

CMS can provide various services to meet your needs and ensure your company has the controls in place to reduce risks.

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